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Grüner Vetliner, Walter Glatzer '17, Carnuntum, Austria


Certified Organic, "Carnuntum is red-wine country, so what is going on here? Let's just call it our little secret. The dense soils give way to crystaline whites. I find Glatzer’s wine compelling because as much as he is a “serious” winemaker, he hasn’t forgotten that wine is meant to be delicious! Too many winemakers have swung the pendulum towards austere and unforgiving wines that require a thesauraus and a translator to understand. Not Walter Glatzer. And in 2017, boy has he delivered on the “delicious” quotient. Hints of jasmine on the nose lead into a creamy style of GV, almost Chablis-like, with focused citrus flavors and a classic white pepper finish." --write-up by Chapel Hill Wine Company

Available for pickup on the 26th of November from 11 am - 1 pm


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